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The Writers’ Workshop (referred to as “we” / “our”) are making our Video Tutorials and related content available subject to the terms and conditions set out below. “This site” refers to and references to “videos”, “content” and similar terms refers to the video tutorials and related content (both free and paid) available on this site.

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The videos and other content published on this site have been prepared by genuine experts in their field and offer general advice in relation to writing and the entire publishing process. By its nature, however, that advice cannot take into account the particulars of your own personal situation and requirements, so you will need to take your own position into account when choosing how to proceed. Additionally, our advice is just that – advice – and you should use it simply as one ingredient in your overall decision-making process. To be clear, we cannot be held responsible for the final decision you do or don’t make in relation to a possible course of action.


Our videos are hosted on a specialist video-server designed to offer users the best possible viewing experience. That does not mean we are able to guarantee that the videos will be available every hour of every day of the year, but please know that if there our interruptions some of the finest minds of their generation will be scrambling to restore normal service. If there are significant planned interruptions, we will seek to warn members by email beforehand, but cannot always guarantee to do so.

Your responsibility

This site and its content, including its videos, are designed to be accessible by anyone with (a) a reasonably modern laptop, tablet or other mobile device, (b) a normal level of software capability, and (c) the skills necessary to use a site like ours on your equipment. While we will seek to be helpful if you encounter technical problems, we cannot help you with problems specific to your own device and its software set up. For one thing, we don’t have the technical capacity to do so and for another, we can’t see your screen or the specific issues facing you. If you do have problems, please use a skilled friend or family member who can see your screen and suggest remedies.

Lifetime membership

If you buy a subscription to our services, we will give you access to the relevant product for the lifetime of this site which will be a period of at least three years from the date of sale (and, most likely, very much longer.) This access will only be withdrawn in the event of quite exceptional “Act of God” type eventualities. Our intention is that this site will effectively become a permanent resource to accompany you throughout your writing career.

Changes in the publishing market

Statements made in relation to the publishing and self-publishing markets are (to the best of our knowledge) broadly true at the time the content was produced. We will endeavour to update key videos and other content as and when the market changes sufficiently to render the old material redundant or misleading, but we cannot guarantee to do so in a timely manner. And, in any case, it is your responsibility to assess the market at the time you start to navigate it, using your own best estimate of that market, and recognising that our advice can only ever be one ingredient in your decision-making process.

Getting published and making money: Our responsibility to you

It is hard to get conventionally published and it is hard to make decent money, no matter whether you travel a traditional route, a self-publishing route, or some hybrid of the two. We will offer the best advice we can, based on our very broad and deep knowledge of the industry and the craft of writing, but we are wholly unable to guarantee that you will meet your publishing goals or that any investment in our products and services will meet your financial goals. But if we do our best, and you do yours, and you make good use of the material on this website, we strongly believe that your odds of success will be very sharply increased.


All products will be delivered digitally. No physical delivery alternative is available.

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We want you to be completely happy with your purchase. If you aren’t, please email us within 30 days of purchase and we will give you a full, no-quibble refund. And needless to say, we will honour all of your statutory rights under all circumstances short of full-scale alien invasion.